January 16, 2022


The accomplished food makers

WSU Tech launches first full-scale culinary arts degree program

4 min read

With more than 100,000 employees working in eating and drinking establishments throughout Kansas, programs to train these individuals are gaining momentum despite the pandemic.

Starting this fall, WSU Tech begins its first full-scale culinary arts degree program. The associate degree track will train a variety of chefs — from those heading off to cook at restaurants or country clubs to individuals who want to become line cooks, managers or buyers.

Culinary Institute of America alumni Lexi and John Michael, who met at the institute, will lead this newly designed program. Both Lexi and John have worked throughout the U.S. at restaurants, country clubs and vineyards. They also have experience in education.

“The program maximizes hands-on learning in both simulated and real-world environments and with over twice the hours spent in the kitchen compared to other similar programs,” said John Michael, director of Culinary and Hospitality at WSU Tech. “We designed the program around maximizing lab hours.”  

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