December 4, 2021


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How to Promote Yourself as a Travel Advisor

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We all know the importance of getting your name out there, but what are the best ways to promote yourself as a travel advisor? We’ll take a look into the best ways to showcase your business to your current and future client base. 

Brand management is a key element in marketing your business to others. Your brand reflects who you are, what you want to sell and who you want to attract. Digital marketing, social media, and public relations all encompass crucial building blocks of promoting yourself as a travel advisor.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing incorporates a mixture of online branding and social media marketing. It’s important to start with a strong website that tells your story. It should include information about you, what you specialize in and how people can contact you for more information. You want to appeal to your targeted customer base. Your website should be visually appealing, include your logo, customer reviews, photos and links to your social media channels.

A great tip is to look at relevant sites to get an idea of what your website should incorporate and look like for your customer’s journey.

Social Media
A lot of prospective customers find their travel advisors through engaging social media posts. As a travel advisor, be relevant on a select few social media channels that appeal to your targeted demographic. Your social media presence will allow your current clientele to keep up with your journey, but also enables new clients to find you!

Social media can be FREE MARKETING. Your social media content can be a variety of photos/videos of trips you have been on, images of dreamy destinations, repurposing client content, or creative content you cultivate yourself!

You are the travel expert, position yourself well! Social media content is about knowing your voice and how you stand out in your niche.

A large portion of social media is sharing your experience. Live streaming on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube are great ways to show your client base what is going on in real time.

Social media is a way to funnel past and future clients to your website. Facebook Ads gives you the opportunity to create a simple ad on Facebook to an audience of your choosing to promote your website or Facebook page. In your ad you select the content, duration, audience, and the amount of money you would like to spend. Don’t be afraid to budget funds for digital marketing, it will help you achieve a measurable ROI over time.

Public Relations
To be a successful travel advisor, you must establish yourself as a credible resource for your potential clientele. Becoming a local name in the industry starts with forming a good network of contacts. These individuals may be in your industry, reporters, or local advocates for the travel industry.

Even public relations professionals have more disappointments than successes with media ad reporters, so it is important to keep yourself relevant in the community in order to promote yourself.

Another way to expand your business is to find local speaking opportunities in your community. Find events to chat about your expertise on travel and get people excited about their dream getaway.

The travel industry thrives with people like you! Promote yourself in the best way with our tips and tricks of digital marketing, social media, and public relations. Engage with your community online and in person to better your business. Best of luck in your travel industry endeavors!

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