October 20, 2021


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3 elegant, easy summer fruit dessert recipes | Food & Cooking

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Layer the whipped cream concoction with nectarines and berries for an impressive dessert sans pastry skills.

When the kitchen is cool, I like to make the lemon wafer cookies from the latest edition of “The Joy of Cooking” to use in the parfaits. Or use the best buttery store-bought cookies to add to the layers; they’ll soften slightly and add a delicate texture to the parfaits. Serve extra cookies, still in their crisp state, alongside.

If no-cook recipes are more your summertime speed, granita, a frozen dessert made with fresh fruit and ice, ranks as the most refreshing of all summer fruit desserts. I purchase cherries when they’re in season and pit them before freezing. The cherries only need to be briefly thawed for the recipe that follows. Serve the ice in small dishes with a splash of prosecco or sparkling wine.

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